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Download Kizoa Movie Maker iOS iPhone App



Kizoa Movie Maker
iOS App for iPhone

Add Photos, Videos and Music

For WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Variety of Styles, Effects and Transitions

Make a Movie with a Few Taps

Get started by selecting your photos and videos, you can then browse and choose from our variety of styles for any occasion.

With just a few taps the Kizoa App will generate an incredible movie within seconds that you can personalize with your own music, transitions, effects, and more!

Add as many photos or videos as you want, Kizoa detects faces to best frame your image and optimize effects.

The Perfect Format:
Landscape, Square or Portrait

Movies, photos and videos come in all shapes and sizes and we've got you covered! With our mobile app you'll be able to select the format that best fits your needs: landscape, portrait, or even square.

For example, use a square format if you plan on posting on social media, portrait for Instagram stories or Snapchat, and landscape to fill your phone screen!

Save and Share from your iPhone

With a single tap, you can save your movie in Full HD 1080p to your camera roll. From there, simply share by sms, Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

The entire interface has been optimized to flawlessly match standard Apple gestures: slides, drops, rotations, zooms, etc.

Advanced Special Effects and Features

Our innovative technology allows you to apply multiple 3D effects to various videos to be played at the same time...that's never been done before!

We've also raised the bar when it comes to our selection of items you can add to your movies. Choose from transitions with 3D simulations, slides, fades, video special effects, sound effects, text effects, fonts... you'll find everything you need to create a uniquely magical movie!

Kizoa Text Editor


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