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Share Movies and Videos Online | Kizoa



For Windows Vista, 7 and 8 users, we provide a downloadable program to allow you to burn your creations to DVD. For all Windows XP and Mac users, we send your file by email for your default disc-writing program to burn.


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Convert your creations into a video format in just a few clicks directly within your Kizoa account. Our servers convert your slideshow to a video file of your choice and send it to you by email for an easy download (download in Full HD with a Pro membership).


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Export portions of your slideshows in GIF format. This allows you to create short loops of your favorite parts of your slideshow which you can then use to animate your blog, Tumblr, or your Twitter feed.

Choose different parameters: the speed of the GIF, the quantity of frames, or even the images per second.

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You can send your slideshows and videos by email directly through Kizoa.
The email doesn't require a large attachment like it would if you were sending a PowerPoint. This way you are reassured that your email is sent and received.

Our innovative technology and streaming capabilities allows all recipients to view your creations,
whether they use a computer, tablet or cell phone (iPhone or Android).

To make sending emails easier, you can import contacts from your email service to access them directly within your Kizoa account.
you no longer need to search for your friend's email address, it's right at your fingertips!


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Upload your creations directly onto YouTube from your Kizoa account.
Choose the resolution, type in your YouTube account email address and password, and we'll take care of the rest!


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Post your creations onto Facebook in just a few clicks from your Kizoa.
You can post directly onto your timeline for your friends and family to enjoy.


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So you can embed your slideshow onto your website or blog, we provide you with the HTML code and link compatible with:
WordPress, Blogger, eBay, OverBlog etc.
Contrary to many other solutions, our slideshows start playing as soon as the webpage is opened on either a PC or Mac. You can even choose to have the sound play in your slideshow when it plays automatically or not.
You can remove all our logos by getting a DVD or Pro membership.
Exclusive Kizoa Innovation: the Pro membership allows you to redirect every slide to a different web page
(even each element of every slide). This is the ideal solution to sell your products and services!


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Kizoa Text Editor


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